Party Post Part I: The Invitations

She sent invitations: sealed in wax, and delivered by national courior:


Most PrairieFrog birthdays are quiet affairs, with just our own little family.  Every ten years, however, for the entire duration of their childhood, we’ll treat each child to a party with other guests!

This year, as Kaira celebrated the completion of her first decade,  we hosted our first such event!

I’ll confess that the date gave me pause.  Although we do give a nod to Reformation day, the 31st of October is typically just another day for us.  We don’t recognize the event our neighbors celebrate, or do any “alternatives”.  But, with Kaira’s birthday falling on Sunday, the day prior became a perfect choice.  (I think we’ve celebrated Ken’s birthday on that date as well–He was born on October 29th–but it was a quiet family affair.)  Hosting a costume party on the 31st was new for me!

Stay tuned, for the courtiers’ responses!


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