Mowing the Grass: Wyoming Style

Wyoming is… different. One of the many things that surprised me when we moved from Colorado (7 years ago now!) was that the city-workers (at least many of the groundskeepers) have horns!

Crews like these keep down weeds along our local highways and byways.  One day we might see them out in front of Wal-Mart, and the next day on a median.  Because they favor weeds over grass, they are an ecological means of weeding, fertilizing and aerating the soil.

It seems to be a win-win situation; free lunch for the goats, free maintenance work for the city, and a free diversion for commuters.

Yesterday after piano lessons we passed the roving maintenance herd.  To the children’s delight, I determined we had time to stop and pile out of the van for a moment.  I think they’ve thanked me a dozen times since–Keegan especially seemed to think that it was the grandest field trip ever. “Thank you mommy for letting us visit the mowing goats!”

Sometimes it pays to pull over and take time to run across a bridge, smell the roses–or, perhaps, even stop to smell the goats!

Wyoming Lawnmowers

Weed Eaters


10 thoughts on “Mowing the Grass: Wyoming Style

  1. Thanks for the compliment, Goldenshade! I hope to keep learning and improving and having fun along the way. It makes for a fun challenge and I hope helps keep my brain from getting mushy. 😉

    Jennifer, Yes, for real! Isn't it wild? When we first moved I'd meant to take pictures, but lately I kept forgetting because it has become normal to me. *laugh*

    They are often along the main streets tending the traffic islands and such. Even in the winter sometimes the goat-crew is sometimes out pawing at the snow to find tasty weeds. It's fun to be driving along the main business routs and see the goats. We never know where they'll be.

  2. wow those are some great shots! Did you happen to get stopped by a troll from under the bridge… this so reminded me of something that would have come out of Three Billy Goats Gruff ! Looks like the snow is gone???

    Have a great week ahead! What is left of it that is.


  3. That is hysterical! Do they ever mosey into the road tho? Or do they keep them underfed enough that they'll just graze and graze??

  4. Oh yeah, I totally would've pulled over to take pics too! How cool is that?! So many goats! and they're sooo cute!

    I would've taken some pics of the big bald eagle so low and so close to our van today- if it were not for the fact that the camera was at home on top of the desk… grrr!

    Enjoy them (your children!)-

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