(Un)Imaginative Play

Overheard as Keegan and Keianna play with blocks in the study:

Keegan: “Let’s play that I’m a child, and we are playing with blocks and that we live in Wyoming!”

Keianna (enthusiastically): “Oh, yes! And I can be your sister, and you can be my younger brother, and we can play that we live with our mommy and daddy and have sisters and a brother and a dog!”

With a reality like this, who needs pretend?


4 thoughts on “(Un)Imaginative Play

  1. ROFL! I thought my kids were the only ones who did that! I usually hear this: "Mama, let's play that I'm the little girl and you're the Mama, ok?" Cute Kids 🙂

  2. My twins do the same thing. We were in walmart the other day and I heard them say,"Let's pretend we're twins and we're shopping together!" Wow, what a novel idea, huh? lol

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