Taming the End of Term Chaos

The theme on The Front Porch this week is “The End of School”. I’m sure that in most homes the learning never ends, but at some point we all pause to take a breath from formal schoolishness. Taking a bit of time to organize and evaluate as you finish a term will make it far easier to dive back in when the time comes to get back to the books. With a little planning you’ll get excited about the “upcoming attractions” in teaching your children–that excitement will be contagious.

Make sure you are up on homeschool laws in your state and have portfolios pulled together, testing administered, or notifications ready to submit if such requirements apply. Once the outside requirements are met, you can focus on the planning that will be most helpful for your own needs.

I like to have a couple favorite curriculum catalogs in my summer tote to read while waiting for the children at lessons or relaxing at the park. Consider gathering a note-pad, pen and catalogs to make use of little moments through the summer. Throw in a book that motivates you and reminds you why you began–and continue home education. (My totebag will include R.C. Sproul Jr’s When You Rise Up and Karen Andreola’s Pocketfull of Pinecones. What books refresh your dreams and remind you to not grow weary?)

Summer is a great time to flip through next terms’ teacher’s manuals and familiarize yourself with things to come. Between semesters I also like to evaluate how things are working and what needs changing.  Mentally, I run through a list for each child in every subject (including non-academic areas such as life skills and character training) and determine where we need to focus, encourage, enrich in the coming weeks and months.

Don’t forget to evaluate the schedule and chore distribution as well and plan some fun for the whole family! Plan ways to spend time through the year letting each child know you delight in them–on a daily basis in small ways and in occasional special larger ways as well.

Have a great summer, and have fun while taming the chaos!

(Cross-posted from my Taming The Chaos column on the Homeschool Blogger Front Porch)
~Domestic Chaos tamer and homeschool mom of 5, Dell writes about home, heart and hearth.~


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