China, Japan and Emily Dickinson on our Coffee Table

China, Japan, and WHO?  Ok, so dear Emily doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the books.

I considered moving her to from this smorgasbord to the next book buffett in a few weeks, but decided she provided variety and a bit of a reminder that even as we study the far East, history is occurring simultaneously in the West.

Upon realizing that we’d barely touched on the great nations of China and Japan which are featured this week in our tapestry studies, I decided to pull out a care package a friend sent us from China. It is brimming with educational goodies (thanks Beth!).  With so much to study in China and Japan we will linger in the east for a couple weeks. This week will be a regular Tapestry-week which will focus on events in China and Japan in the mid 1800’s. Next week will be an extended PrairieFrog mini study that digs deeper as we explore China and Japan both in the past and today.

And then, of course, keeping an anchor for us in the Western, English speaking world is Emily Dickinson.

After our two weeks spent on one week of Tapestry, we’ll continue our normal yet oft interrupted pace and proceed a week at a time. These books are just for this two week interlude–I have two full baskets waiting to grace the coffee table in a few weeks!

Tom’s Midnight Garden has nothing to do with either Emily Dickinson or the Orient, but rather is another Anchor back to Mid-to-Late-Victorian England. It was a favorite book of mine as a child, and although very light on history, is a fun read.



4 thoughts on “China, Japan and Emily Dickinson on our Coffee Table

  1. It's always so wonderful reading about your school. You find the most interesting books to supplement your studies! Do you check-out most of them from the library, or do you have to purchase most of them?

    The poetry sounds lovely!

  2. I am catching up on your blog. I am so glad you were able to have some extra China things for your study.


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