Wordless Wednesday ~ Looking at You Looking at Me


3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Looking at You Looking at Me

  1. Hi Dell!
    Such a cute picture of your dog. We have a Sheltie pup that is adorable! We almost bought a Corgi, but we fell in love with our little fuzzball. I had contacted you a while ago about Corgis…

    Hey, wanted to highly recommend a brush to you ~ The Furminator! Our pup was "blowing out" his fur, which I know Corgis do too, and we bought one of those shedding loops, a paddle brush, a comb, and a basic two sided brush ~ all of them were tedious and not very successful. Then we bought a Furminator on amazon for 25 bucks, which is horrifyingly expensive. Well, let me tell you.. it combed out fuzz at Biblical proportions. Check out their demonstration video on their website. I think it's furminator.com, but you can google it. It shows a professional groomer trying all the different brushes on this Lab. When they switched to the furminator, the shedding hair came out by the handfuls ~ and quickly. Our neighbor has two goldens and he was amazed when we let him borrow it. It's a great thing!
    Just an FYI!!!
    Take care…

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