Spring Schedule

Spring is here!  We school through the summer (because the learning is just to fun to put aside), but I did want to make some tweaks to accommodate ever changing needs as the children grow into new responsibilities and freedoms.  (We also wanted to afford plenty of outdoor time!)

I  enjoy seeing the children’s excitement over a new schedule.  Kaira is thrilled at the way the music times flow through our days, and Kendra is delighted with her promotion to breakfast chef.  Keianna gets a new privilege of getting up earlier with her sisters, and Keegan has a new chore slot–a true badge of being a big kid!  Kieran didn’t vocalize an opinion, but I’m guessing he likes the “Chaos” block–and he seems to like joining big brother for school time.

Overall, just minor changes, but enough to fix a few newly developing kinks and add zip to our days.

PrairieFrog Schedule Spring 2009


6 thoughts on “Spring Schedule

  1. I love your schedules Dell. TFS!

    Question: does Kieran really go from 7 to 3 with no nap? WOW. How do you keep him awake that long? Rachael gets up around 8 or 9 and then goes down for a nap no later than 12 and sleep for three hours. Then she goes to bed around 8…

  2. Yep! Somehow a late afternoon nap has worked for all of mine. It wasn't until a couple years ago I found out that's not normal! (From friends who told me it couldn't possibly work, lol.)

    I'm not sure why mine do well with that. It has been the way we've done it since Kaira, I guess just because that's seemed to be what each one needed. It sounds like your tyke is more normal than mine in that regard, as a lot of people have thought we must be crazy to do such a late nap time.

    I've often wondered whether we ended up with that nap time because it worked for the family rhythm and our toddlers just adapt well to it, or whether we initially did it because that's what the first couple toddlers needed, and we adapted the family rhythm to them… often the schedule comes together with so much intuition to what is/isn't working that it is hard to know what the intitial influence is.

    Whatever the reason, yep, he's usually going strong until 3:00 (occasionally 2:30… if he seems tired at 2:30, we do 2:30, but he never acts at all sleepy till then and would just sing in bed if we put him in earlier.).

    My children are quirky. 🙂

  3. Just had a thought! Is it because ours are down nearly 12 hours at night? I think that is longer than some. But they are down 7:30pm-7:15am. (And they are zonked asleep for all of it.)

    Looking at Rachael's sleep times though, it sounds like she's down nearly 12 hours at night too…


  4. Thanks for sharing your schedule. I love the "choas in the study"! We have that too, but I haven't actually scheduled it, it just happens. It hadn't occured to me to be that honest on my printed schedule! Mine is more "what I wish would happen" rather than "what actually does happen".
    I love your girls' dresses! Do you make them yourself? I'm having a hard time finding modest dresses for my girls. I'm also having a hard time making the time to sew them. Any tips?
    Thanks again! Have a blessed day!
    Edited by LordsHandmaiden on Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 9:07 PM

  5. Dell, I have a million questions for you, apologies. The first is: do you teach music to your kids yourself? Because I'd love them to learn, but I am hugely musically challenged, and was wondering whether you knew of a program that could help?
    Second: I know you do baby math with your children and I'd love to start with my youngest one. How old are they when you start? And how does the program work?
    And finally, as another reader asked: do you make your children's clothes yourself? Because they are so lovely and I'd love to be able to make them.
    Thanks for your patience!

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