Teddy Bears and Balloons

It has been two weeks since Kieran’s birthday, and I’m only now getting pictures uploaded! Fortunately I found enough hard-drive space to support my photo habit for a few more months! (I took him out for a birthday photo shoot as well, and hope to share some of those here soon too.)

It was a typical PrairieFrog Party–a quiet celebration at home with siblings, a meal of the celebrant’s choice (with some guess-work in this case, as Kieran’s not yet very verbal), cake, and lots of love.

He was showered with handmade cards from his siblings, and gifs of vehicles as well as a Corduroy stuffed bear (both a full size and a tiny "keychain" sized to decorate the package) and of course a Corduroy book. (Slight ranting tangent: I was flabbergasted at the stuffed bear. The buttons on his overalls are embroidered on over velcro! I was honestly quite outraged, as the buttons are so central to the story! Kierie loves his bear though, and I’ve bitten my tongue about it being a sad fake.)

I’m off to change my sidebar stats to reflect that my baby boy is two years old!

Happy birthday, Kieran! You bring our family such joy with you quick smile and lively ways!


5 thoughts on “Teddy Bears and Balloons

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your insight. I appreciate it. Some of the minor 'disadvantages' you mentioned (well worth consideration!) aren't really anything that bothers me. My girls actually *like* to do work pages. Weird, huh? and their attention span for books is not really great – even 'fun' books.

    All in all, I have to say this is the first time in the history of our homeschooling that I can say I'm really excited about the prospect of starting a new school year.

    I thought TOG was for older children – like high school? Maybe I need to peruse that site one more time before a final decision…..hmmm…you may be getting more questions 🙂

  2. HA! The embroidered button would bug me too! But doncha just know that some kid somewhere swallowed one of those buttons, and now we all have to suffer? I would just sew one on myself 😉

    Happy Birthday Kieran! I remember when he was just born! Have I "known" you that long? 😮

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