Taming the Stir-Crazy, Rainy-Day Wiggles

Ah, Rain! I love a rainy day. I like a nice moody sky, the pattern of water drops sliding down the window pane, candles burning cozily on the counter, and cookies in the oven! (I’m not as fond of muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor, or stir-crazy children.) I won’t give suggestions about the muddy paw prints–I’ve yet to find a solution that’s less work than simply mopping them up. Instead I’ll share my simple solution for promoting domestic tranquility when the small folk get stir-crazy.

I’ve found that getting the children, some solid exercise each day is a sanity saver. Without a little bit of physical exertion, a cozy afternoon together can be spoiled by stormy attitudes and rainy countenances.

One huge blessing here, not only on rainy days, but in the long dark days of winter, is a mini tramp. My in-laws found a wonderful little trampoline with legs that screw off so we can slide it under the couch when not in use. The children enjoy taking turns bouncing, each turn lasting until the bouncer is too out-of-breath to continue.

For the active child, some designated wiggle time is almost a must, but even my book-worms have better attitudes when they’ve gotten a little bit of active play each day.

Chinese jump-rope or indoor hopscotch can also provide giggles while utilizing those wiggles. After some time spent in active games, they are better ready to settle into cozy rainy day read-alouds, or a laundry folding party.

(Cross-posted from my Taming The Chaos column on the Homeschool Blogger Front Porch)

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