Mr. Escher Walks to School

While visiting with the grandparents (before being treated to the chamber orchestra yesterday!) my girls were teasing about how old their daddy is, and how rough he had it as a boy. 

Kaira recalled Daddy saying he was as old as the dinosaurs. 

Kendra then added that he had to walk to school–uphill both ways, of course. 

Keianna chimed in, "Yes.  Uphill both ways, carrying a CAR DOOR." 
Grandma asked, "Why a car door?" 

Kendra explained, "So he could roll down the window when it got hot!"

Finally someone (I don’t recall whom) said, "Uphill both ways is impossible!"

Remembering a recent dinner-time art discussion and her perusal of some art books, Kendra chimed in, "Mr. Escher could do it!  Uphill both ways is possible if you are Mr. Escher."

I love the connections young minds make, and was delighted at the notion of M.C. Escher walking to school, and the upside-down, inside-out, inverted route he might have imagined for his journey!



Relativity by M.C. Escher 1953

Relativity by M.C. Escher



2 thoughts on “Mr. Escher Walks to School

  1. That looks like a great piece of art work for the children to write about. It is very interesting to look at. Do you have a book in which that page comes from?

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