Physics Phun Day

Saturday we took a jaunt to a nearby university that hosts a fantastic (phantastic?) physics expo with interactive seminars, demonstrations, and rooms filled with hands-on physics wonders.  The children were fascinated by all the fabulous experiments they experienced in sight, sound and motion!

Kaira was singled out  to stand on stage with a cup on her head and demonstrate something about absorptive properties of some absorbent something.  (I’m not sure I quite grasped the point, but I’m sure it was very cool).  She hadn’t volunteered, but they ignored the many raised hands and insisted on “the girl in the purple jumper”.  Evidently she has a Physics look about her.

We enjoyed a presentation on sound vibrations, and chicken cluckers were a great hit!

Cluckers are an easy noisemaker consisting of a cup, a string (secured inside by a paperclip that keeps it from going through the hole), and an unattached bit of damp sponge.  The children jerk the damp sponge down the string, creating a rather loud noise remarkably like a clucking chicken.  Try it!  They are fun!  (Obnoxious, but fun.)

An entire gymnasium full of such “music” in a noise to experience!

 Keegan found time amid scientific pursuits to dance with the lovely ladies attending the event.


One thought on “Physics Phun Day

  1. The cup that the water was put in also contained gel from a disposible diaper. Then, they "shuffled" the children and overturned the cups above each child's head. It seemed that the water had not stayed in the original cup, nor had it magically transfered to another cup, but it had simply disappeared! Magic? No, science!

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