How Do You Coop?

Four-year-olds ask fascinating questions.  Keegan yesterday inquired, “Mommy, how do we coop?”

My brain grasped at straws.  Was he thinking of housing chickens and building a hen coop?  Or was he pondering finances–surely if we can recoup money we must coup it to begin with.

Perplexed I said, “I’m not sure, what do you mean?”

He repeated his question, then asked, “Can we go next door to ask?”

This was getting even stranger, involving the whole neighborhood, “Umm… Why should we ask next door?”

In a decisive tone, Keegan cleared it all up, “Mr. and Mrs. Cooper would know how!”

Ah, yes!  Our neighbors the Coopers might be just the people to ask!  I told Keegan he can ask them when they are over here the next time.

(A little research revealed that coopers were originally barrel makers.)


7 thoughts on “How Do You Coop?

  1. A cooper is a barrel (or cask) maker. Cooperage is the collection of products in his shop, the shop itself, or the price you pay for his products.
    Grumpy Dave

  2. I haven't stopped by in a while and I wanted to see some of your beautiful pictures! I love the little one on the swing, just darling. I wanted to invite you to join a Homeschool History Buff's blog carnival that I just started. I know you are always reading some great history books and I thought you might have posted something or plan on posting something that you would like to submit!

  3. Thanks, Grumpy Dave! I think I knew that once upon a time, but it was long gone from my memory. I passed your information along to a delighted Keegan yesterday, and it stuck with him–today he was talking about making barrels, and being a cooper!

    Blogging–it is an educational activity!

  4. Ack! That uh… is a typo. That should read: Mr and Mrs! Yikes.

    I wonder if it was a case of PPC? (Posting Prior to Coffee)?

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