Patterns in the Family Tapestry

I’ve enjoyed watching homeschooling families who are further along on the journey. I’ve listened as friends speak in amazement at how enriched they’ve been by the pursuits of each child, and I find the phenomenon fascinating–each individual’s interests are integrated into the entire family in some way.

My children are still young, but recently we’ve had our first tastes of the exciting adventure. What joy to watch the children pursue things their unique dreams–dreams we as parents are delighted to encourage, but never dreamed ourselves–dreams that are special gifts born of their individual personalities and planted by their Creator who makes no two individuals alike.

It’s a bit challenging to keep up! Balancing our desire to nurture each as an individual with doing what is best for the family unit as a whole is rather a juggling act.  It is worth it all though, watching rich patterns beginning to form on the “family loom” as the tapestry takes on textures and colors of the different strands.

I never would have dreamed I’d be lurking around on harp forums, researching names of construction vehicles, or searching YouTube for vidoes of soprano recorder quartets. (Especially since I’m remarkably unmusical.)

What will my Google searches and forum lurkings look like in another five or even ten years?


One thought on “Patterns in the Family Tapestry

  1. I am amazed at how well you run your household. You also seem to have such a handle on homeschooling your children. How did you gain such insight? Were you homeschooled?

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