Her Dream Comes True

Kaira has dreamed of being a harpist since age three, and she’s now had her first harp lesson!   A rented harp will get her by for a few months until we are able to get her one of her own.

My apologies for the busy collage of photos.  I couldn’t decide on a single snapshot, as I loved her expressions as she experimented.

Kaira's Dream


8 thoughts on “Her Dream Comes True

  1. That is so neat! And that harp is so huge, LOL! Are the strings colored for learning purposes, or are they always that way? How fun to have such an amazing dream, and then to have it come true! Good job Mom and Dad!

  2. OH what a blessing! Someday I hope to take up the harp myself. Maybe when the children are grown and then I'll actually have room for one! LOL. I love the sound of the harp. The look on your dd's face is so precious! Obviously she is well pleased.
    In Christ,

  3. She already plays piano right? Will that help with harp lessons?

    That is wonderful! So glad for her! It may be large but it is definitely better than what my daughter wants – drums! Yikes!

    Blessings, Eva

  4. Thanks, all! She sure is excited. Her 2nd lesson was today!

    I wanted to answer Veronica and Eva's questions.

    The string colors are on almost all harps, and help with navigation. (Kinda like the groupings of white and black keys on the piano.) C strings are all red, F's are either blue or black, and the others are clear. I knew nothing about harp really until Kaira took an interest, and discovered this just a few weeks ago, so it has been a fun learning process for all of us!

    You remembered right, Eva, she does play piano. We do piano as a "first instrument" for all the children, but have always hoped that once they show themselves faithful and have a solid start they can add one other instrument of their choice if they wish and we can afford it.

    The harp teacher says this will help the learning process considerably. There is a lot to relearn, and even more to learn, as technique is so different, but so many things will transfer.

    It is so fun to see children really find something that fascinates them!

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