Of Slinkies and Strollers

Continuing in our mad birthday dash, Kendra celebrated 7 years on Saturday!

She planned her birthday menu in detail, requesting:

grilled marinaded salmon

grilled steak

seasoned rice


a fruit bowl (specifically mango, apple and banana)

chocolate milk

and black forest cake!

Always eager to help in the kitchen, she mixed up the filling for her cake.   It was delicious!

At first I wondered if “seven” was to be a serious and solemn year…

Nope, even at the wizened age of seven, she’s still my sweet, silly Kendra-girl!

Her gifts included a doll stroller, a slinky, and from grandparents a doll pony (for her American Girl sized doll to ride).  Her comments on the slinky made me giggle.  In absolute fascination she shuffled it between her hands, and exclaimed, “WOW!  Who INVENTED this?  I bet it was REALLY expensive to buy such a long spring!   There are so many amazing toys online today, I wonder how Mommy finds out about them!”  It is such fun to see the simple joys of childhood delight her!

Kendra’s my sunshine girl!  Instead of walking across a room she bounces and flounces.  She’s always in motion and full of songs and laughter.  (I think the serious pictures above fascinated me becuase they are a rare look for her!)  Happy Birthday, Kendra!  We love you!


7 thoughts on “Of Slinkies and Strollers

  1. I am SO coming over for Kendra's next birthday! 🙂

    Happy Birthday Kendra! Now only Kieran is left to celebrate, then you'll all be "odds and evens" again! 🙂

  2. Yes, that was one of your mom's lovely creations! She made the long sleeves detatchable (hidden buttons under the lace) so it is a year-round dress! The color is perfect for Kendra!

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