Of Tractors and Pizza

We celebrated Keegan’s birthday yesterday!  His birthday menu requests were: peach smoothie, homemade pizza supreme, green beans, and blueberry snack cake.  He donned an imaginary chef hat (I’ve got to get him a real one), and helped make both the pizza and the cake!

His smile is ever-present (or almost) and lights up my heart!   If anyone is hurt, sick, or sad, he’s ready with a hug and a prayer.  Even in the middle of making his birthday pizza, he asked to pause for a moment to go hug Kieran, who was frustrated or impatient about something and had given a cry of protest.

His presents were primarily things with wheels–tractors in particular.  Even the bear kit that he gets to stuff  was a John Dere theme.  I’ll have to get a picture of him with his bear by our little tractor.

Happy Birthday, Keegan–my big four year old boy!

Pizza Chef


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