No more used books, no more handmade dresses

I’m thrilled that Cathe wrote about this gross infringement on our freedoms, as I’m as close to speechless as I get.  No more used book sales.  No more purchasing handmade dresses from other homeschool moms.   Few etsy sellers or ebayers will be able to afford to sell children’s toys, clothing, or anything that might be used by a child.

Unless I’m grossly misunderstanding, it appears that a month from now, even giving away our used items will become criminal.  All items for children will require extensive and expensive lead testing before they are decreed safe enough to be sold or donated.

“It shall be a violation of section 19(a)(1)
of the Consumer Product Safety Act (15 U.S.C. 2068(a)(1))
for any person to which this subsection applies to manufacture,
sell, contract to sell   or resell, lease, sublet, offer,
provide for
or otherwise place in the stream of commerce.”

Do you buy or sell cloth diapers from a home-business?  Would you love to buy a darling knitted hat or hand-carved toy for your toddler?   Would you like to give your child’s outgrown crib away to the family at church expecting their first baby?   Do you buy or sell used or out-of-print books or enjoy garage sailing?

Please link over to read her article.   “CPSIA – Killing American Industry One Cottage at a Time” Check out the links, wistfully hoping it is just alarmist or incorrect, and discover in dismay that every bit is woefully accurate.  After February 10th, our freedoms to buy, sell, give, and lend items will be changed forever.  This isn’t a bill–it is already signed in.  It is law.

Perhaps the law will be modified.   (I really think it will be.) Until then, I guess we can be grateful at how generously “protected” we are.  How kind of the CPSIA to want to keep us safe.


5 thoughts on “No more used books, no more handmade dresses

  1. I read about this before Christmas and was appalled. I have felt like I'm in the "Twilight Zone" for awhile now.

  2. I am one of those who will have to shut down when the time comes. I make cloth dolls and baby accesories. Its really shocking to think that we can no longer even give stuff away. Its for our own safety though…ya right!

  3. that I am misunderstanding this law. We buy used whenever possible. I don't see how this could've been well thought out. I am hoping this won't last.

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