Hands-On Week In Review

Ken was off work last week, and we postponed most the regular school work to focus on hands-on projects!

They built a solar powered hopping frog:

They did fizzy experiments:

They played palaeontologist  and found “dinosaur bones” in a rock.  (This kit said “hours of fun”, and meant it!  They still haven’t finished getting all the bones out, but have indeed been having fun.  It takes a lot of patience to carve away the rock without damaging fragile fossils within!)

Keegan received a tool box with real (albeit small scale) tools.  He’s been perfecting his hammering skills and put together this little train (from a kit).  While the girls and I worked on beading, Keegan painted his handiwork.

Tomorrow it is back to business as usual.  The projects are fun, but I’ll enjoy being back to the normal routine–except for the part about Ken going back to work–that part is tough.


5 thoughts on “Hands-On Week In Review

  1. Looks like the day was a big hit! I made fizzy bombs that we took over to my Aunt's house to do with her foster children. One of them stood there and kept saying, "WOW! WOW!" She was very pleased with that activity I think. : )

    Abiding in the Vine

  2. Looks like a pleasantly productive week… Love the quilt in the background… I will be glad once we hit our normal school stride, but I feel like the wind is knocked out of me by holidays and sickness. I'm soooo not prepared, but we are jumping back in anyway.

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