Keianna’s birthday shoot

Keianna and I enjoyed a photo adventure on the last day of 2008.  We’d been waiting for a calm and bright–even if cold–morning, and siezed the day when it came!  Even at that we made lots of “warm up” stops along the way and found a place in town that mixes up delicious dairy-free smoothies.  (I had mine with the dairy, ‘Anna took hers without.)

December 2008 was a special time for Keianna.  She had her fifth birthday a week before Christmas, then right after Christmas prayed and committed her life to serving Jesus.  Her love for Him has been evident for several years, but her understanding of our need of a savior has only recently matured.

Keianna Noelle: Our sweet Christmas song:


5 thoughts on “Keianna’s birthday shoot

  1. You are an inspiration, Dell! I finally took the leap after reading my favorite blogs and started my own. Stop by sometime…….(just please excuse my novice ways…..).


  2. I definitely cannot get a new camera anytime soon, but I am curious to know what kind of camera you are using. Your lighting in your photos is always amazing!

    You are very talented and your children are so beautiful!

    Only problem? We need to see more pictures of YOU! Let those older girls take a few pictures! 🙂

  3. Thanks, all. She had a great birthday.

    Mom of six–it actually is a cloak we've had for playing dress up for quite some time, but was "just right" for Keianna right now, and she chose it for her photo shoot. 🙂

    Thanks, Christina (quiet cajun). My camera's a Canon Rebel XTi. And as to having more picture of me on here, uh… er… um… the children are cuter. 😉

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