Christmas 2008 – a time of peace and joy!

We had a fabulous Christmas!  We began with Christmas Adam (it comes before Christmas Eve, you know…) and had a quiet celebration with just our little family.  We wrapped up our Advent devotions, lit the last of the advent candles, and unwrapped our gifts to each other.

Gifts were especially fun this year.  Each child bought a five dollar item for the child younger than themself–and then little Kieran bought for Kaira.  They absolutely loved these gifts, and their joy and appreciation was so sweet!  For the whole next day, they kept hugging each other and thanking one another over and over.  Ken had to go to work right after our exchange time, but I was hugged and thanked at every turn as well.  Their gratitude was adorably excessive!

My parents arrived Christmas Eve, and the children entertained us with a Christmas play.  They memorized their lines from the Biblical Christmas story, and Kaira especially committed whole passages to memory.  Kieran played a shepherdless sheep running amuck–the part suited him.

On Christmas day,  my sister’s family (including her adorable children), and Ken’s parents came to join those of us already here.  It was festive and absolutely fantastic.  We ate my mothers wonderful baked goods and my mother-in-law’s wonderful cooking, visited, and just generally had a wonderful time.

Ken’s off this week, and has been being a fantastic homeschool dad–doing hands-on projects with the children.  I hope to post pictures soon, but have overwhelmed my hard-drive with oodles of Christmas pictures.  (My poor computer can’t keep up with my photo habit. )

And, just for fun, here’s a few pictures of Kieran from last week.  He entertained himself for extensive periods of time by moving the nutcrackers from window ledge to table and back again.

Kieran and the Nutcrackers

Kieran and the Nutcrackers


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