Happy Birthday Sweet (Sniffley) Keianna!

My Keianna turned five!  We seem to be in an odd trend on birthdays.  Kaira had a misserable flu bug on her birthday.  After that made the rounds, we PrairieFrogs have enjoyed great health–until the next birthday.  Poor little Keianna woke up on her birthday  morning with her eyes and nose streaming–she’d caught a cold.

Always a trooper, she insisted she was well enough for cake and presents–and for her birthday menu.  The theme of Kaira’s birthday seemed to be buttery, while Keianna had a sweet tooth this year.  She chose meatballs with sweet and sour sauce (more sweet than sour!), acorn squash (with sweet maple syrup!), and sweet, hot, apple cider for the beverage.  After the main meal’s sweetness, I wasn’t sure my tongue could handle the cake!

Having a cold made her bleary-eyed and off kilter.  See–even in the picture she’s blurry and off kilter!  I’ve had days like that…

She was indeed well enough to open and enjoy her presents.  Her doll from Grandma Kay (a Gotz American Girl type doll) has barely left her side.  She named it Noelle–borrowing from her own middle name.  Ken and I gave her a “Loving Family” dollhouse, and my parents gave her people for it!  Several hours a day have been spent deep in play with her new toys!

And it was a nice day to snuggle with Daddy.  (There’s no better place when you are five years old and have a cold on your birthday!)

Her birthday photo-shoot has been postponed until she (and I) are over the sniffles.  It wasn’t a great day for nice portraits.  In the meantime, here’s a shot of Keianna from last week:

Happy birthday, Keianna Noelle!  Born a week before Christmas, you are our precious Christmas Song.  We love you and thank Jesus for the blessings you bring each day!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sweet (Sniffley) Keianna!

  1. Hi Dell, Just stopped by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!! Hope that your day is full of many precious memories in the making!

    btw, I am loving all your pictures – what program do you use?

  2. happy birthday little girl!
    Hope you start feeling better soon……….was glad to see you smile even though you don't feel so good.

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