Christmas on the Coffee Table

Yesterday we decorated in preparation for Christmas!  While we decorated inside, God decorated outside. Today is a winter-wonderland indoors and out!

We are spending this week wrapping up and celebrating our Tapestry of Grace unit.   December we will spend on a “Tapestry break” as we focus on our other academics and on remembering God’s grace as we prepare for Christmas.  (And what fun it will be to dive back into Tapestry in January!)



3 thoughts on “Christmas on the Coffee Table

  1. Hi! Dell,
    I always enjoy your book lists. Such wonderful books. I will be adding some of those same titles to our list.
    The pumpkin carvings are absolutely amazing. I love them.

  2. Please tell Keianna and all the dear Prairie Frogs, thank you so very much for the wonderful gift. It is an absolute treasure to me! In a day or so please visit my blog to see the results of their giving hearts.

    Abiding in the Vine!

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