Kaira’s Birthday Week (Finally!)

I’m such a bad blogger, I never posted pictures from Kaira’s birthday week!  We had a bout of sickness run through the ranks that week, so her “party” (just a simple family thing) was spread out over several days.  We’ve been well for weeks now, but somehow life has trotted on with happy busy productivity, and I never came back to post pictures!

Here’s my Kaira with her packages and her birthday bouquet!  (We purchased the flowers prior to her photo shoot outing!)

Opening her present from Grandma and Grandpa:

A beautiful watch!

(Which she’s only taken off for baths since…)

A little doll from us

(And if you look closely you’ll see she’s already wearing the watch.)

Glasses for her doll, Kalissa

Then her main present from us: a new bike!  A fancy one, more expensive than any I’ve owned!  She was so proud to go to the bikeshop with her daddy to pick it out. It should last her many years–it supposedly fits from her height up to just an inch below mine, but I can ride it fine.

It was pitch black when they got home at night from buying it, but she had to ride it immediately.  She couldn’t wait for morning.

Of course right after breakfast the next morning she was out riding again:

Then for her birthday meal she chose Lobster-dipped in drawn butter, acorn squash with butter and brown sugar and cinnamon, and corn-with butter.

Mmm!  It was… buttery!  I didn’t happen to photograph the food, we just ate it!  It was delicious–rich, but delicious!

For desert she’d requested a doll tea-party.  Each of her siblings chose a doll or stuffed animal to bring to the party!

 (And I just edited my sidebar to reflect that she is now 9!)


8 thoughts on “Kaira’s Birthday Week (Finally!)

  1. "Then for her birthday meal she chose Lobster-dipped in drawn butter, acorn squash with butter and brown sugar and cinnamon, and corn-with butter."

    It makes me smile to see a kid requesting meals other than the typical kid-fare of chicken nuggest and fries! *grin*

    Lovely photos – beautiful girl! ….yeah it looks like that bike will fit her for quite some time to come! 🙂

  2. It was so nice to be invited to such a wonderful birthday! Thank you for letting me share the day(s) with you. Sucha beuatiful lady.

    Love that dress!

  3. Hello there! I appreciate your posts and gleaning inspiration from you. 🙂 Thank you. This is a question that doesn't deal with this post at all, but I decided I better ask under this one rather than one of your previous math posts. I see that you use Calvert and Singapore math. I've researched Singapore, but not Calvert. How do you like it? Does it work well for your family? We use Horizons Math for grades 3, 1, and K. I really do like it, and feel like it builds upon itself really well, although I can see that my kiddos don't have the "love" for math that I think they could. My son's 3rd grade lessons are good, but just a lot, a lot of problems. He does his math, but I know it's not his favorite thing. He also doesn't care for so many colors on a page. 😉 I've been thinking about "experimenting" 🙂 on him next year. I'm looking for a program that explains the "why" and not just the "how." Is it true that the Calvert math would be $125 per grade? That's what I understood from looking at their website. That would potentially be my only drawback with the program. I know it's worth it if it's a good fit your child….. Anyway, thank you. I appreciate it.

    JamieB (in the Homeschool Lounge)

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