Feed the Spelling Teacher

My poor longsuffering children.  Their mommy/teacher often has a one track mind.  It can lend focus to our days,  but it can make their spelling lessons a bit unusual.

In yesterday’s lesson, the words followed our list, but the sentences I made up as examples had a recurring theme.

Shouted: The frantic woman shouted, “Give me a brownie and no one gets hurt.”

About: I am thinking about brownies.

Stout: If I eat too many brownies I may become stout.

Mood: Chocolate puts me in a wonderful mood.

Brood:  I may brood and pout if I don’t get a brownie.

Thinner: I would be thinner if I ate fewer brownies.

And so we continued through the list of words….  By the end they were laughing heartily at their silly mommy.  And naturally, I served up brownies to my students–and to me!


5 thoughts on “Feed the Spelling Teacher

  1. Very funny! It sounds like some of our spelling lessons, except that I've never served brownies following spelling. You are a very nice mom!

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