Happy Birthday, Kaira!

My Kaira is nine years old!  Nine must be her “year of elegance” as she’s been wanting things to be elegant lately.

She chose her dress and even most of her poses for a little birthday photo shoot.  We had such a fabulous time!  She chose most her own poses–with a flair for the elegant, of course.

Her party may be even quieter than expected, and her birthday meal may be delayed as she (and Ken, and Keegan, and Keianna) have a bit of a stomach bug.  (Which is um… not elegant.)


15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kaira!

  1. Hopin: For what book? I'll be happy to send you bigger versions that will print better…. well assuming this isn't some for publication book or something, lol!

    Do you recognize the dress? You sent it to us! 🙂 Kaira adores it.

  2. Oh — my fav is her on the stone bench. NEAT!! She's got style.

    We also have the gastrointestinal distress bug roaming around our house. You are absotutely tooting — that ain't elegant!


  3. She really has an eye for the artistic (which she gets from Mama)…

    Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Birthday Miss Kaira!

    — Julie in Ohio

  4. The stone bench one takes my breath away – SO beautiful, both subject and photography!

    Happy Birthday Kiara! I hope you get to celebrate in a very elegant way very soon!

  5. Happy Birthday!! I hope the birthday girl and her family are feeling well again soon 😦

    You're pictures are absolutely gorgeous. You have a beautiful daughter, and your talent in photography is growing abundantly.

    Kathy D.

  6. Remember when we were celebrating our 9th birthdays in 3rd grade? I believe those were the years of Lip Smackers and Hello Kitty! By the way, your dad looks just the same as I remember too!

  7. She is so photogenic! Those pictures are just beautiful. What camera do you use? I missed that post.
    Hey, I was the one who asked you Corgi advice about a year or so ago… we're finally moved into a home with a fence and are now on the lookout for a sweet Corgi of our own!!
    Thanks, Dell.

  8. Your photography is coming along so nicely. I am very very impressed. I just purchased a 40D and will be listing my XTi on ebay shortly. I'm excited. It's a very different camera, heavier, bigger, buttons in all different places. It's going to be like learning all over again.
    I LOVE the squirrel photos you took!

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