War of 1812 on the Coffee Table

Yesterday was our mid-unit library jaunt! It is always such fun to switch out the books on the coffee table. In the next few weeks we’ll be studying the events surrounding the War of 1812, as well as taking a little jaunt to South America alongside Simon Bolivar!

Back Stateside, I’m eager to see how my girls like Melissa Wiley’s books about Laura Ingalls’  Grandmother.  I’ve always enjoyed them, and even more so after “getting to know” Melissa Wiley by bumping into her blog a few years back.  If you’ve never found your way to the Bonny Glen, I’d encourage you to journey there some day.



One thought on “War of 1812 on the Coffee Table

  1. That was one of my favorite books ever when I was growing up!!!!

    I know I have a biography of Adronian Judson (forgive the spelling) around here somewhere and there is one I really wanna find. 🙂

    Still going through prairiemuffin withdrawls… where are the scholars? 😉

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