Before the Storms

Pretend it is Friday. This blog post was supposed to happen Friday, but just as I had the pictures ready to post I did something foolish and made all my September and October pictures go permanently “poof” from my hard-drive. I tried some measures to retrieve them, but the files were corrupted by the whole process and I gave up on that route. Just when I was about to sigh and give up entirely, I found nifty software that retrieves files from CF cards–even after deletion. Some files had been overwritten or but many were found.

Keegan was especially excited. He was looking forward to having a print of  “his” airplanes  for their airplane themed bedroom, and the tiny blog picture just wasn’t going to be print-worthy. Fortunately that file was among those retrieved. Happy boy!

But I digress. Friday I was going to post about our little harvest before the storm. I woke Friday morning and knew snow was on the way. While the girls did school I snagged Keegan and enlisted him as my harvest assistant.  Between our efforts and a major herb gifting from a neighbor, both the barfice (barn/office) and my kitchen windowsill are filled with potted herbs rescued before frost.

My tables and counters are abloom  with roses from pruning, and we’ve been enjoying fresh herbal tea. I’ve a whole basket of rosehips to dry too! Fabulous vitamin C to tide us through the winter cold season!

I was right about the snow. We’ve risen to a skiff of snow the past two mornings.  It is perfect weather for hot tea, cozy sweaters and snuggly read-alouds on the couch.

Our rosehip harvest:
rosehip harvest

Kaira, Enjoying mint leaf tea:
Kaira's Tea

Stay tuned for school updates!  We’ve been plugging along here at Prairiefrog Academy.  Somehow I’ve just failed to blog our studies.


2 thoughts on “Before the Storms

  1. We harvested before the cold snap (you guys got all the snow) too, and my house is fragrant with the end-of-season roses. My counter is covered with all the green tomatoes, too. Any suggestions?

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