Wordless Wednesday: Mommy, I Need a Haircut


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Mommy, I Need a Haircut

  1. That picture is just too cute! I think its my favorite. Seriously. So sweet! Can I have him? Emma needs a playmate more her age. *innocently whistles*

  2. Nope. Not only would I not give him up, his siblings would rally to attack you if you tried to take him. They can be fairly formidable when saving their baby brother from abduction. 😉

    Wish you could bring Emma by to play though! He'd love to have her as a playmate! (And the girls would be thrilled with that too!)

    Sorry, not for sale or trade.

  3. He is soo adorable! I love that picture & the truck sitting there in the grass just goes right along with the picture…. all boy! ;o)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. You asked where did I get my camera bag. It is a Samsonite & I bought it at WalMart. I have one almost just like it, but bigger for my camcorder. I'm glad you enjoy my pictures. That is a comment sincerely appreciated, because I admire your photography as well. Many Blessings. ~Krista

  4. I was showing dh the picture when Emma comes running across the room with her little heh heh (giggling her way). She looks at Little K and gives the biggest grin ever… I think she's flirting the lil runt.

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