Keianna on Wheels

I’ve not blogged as I’d like the past few weeks, but Keianna is insistant that I announce her latest accomplisment.  Three cheers for Keianna–The youngest PrairieFrog to-date to be two wheeling independently!

Keianna takes off!



7 thoughts on “Keianna on Wheels

  1. At LEAST hree cheers for Keianna!! That is quite an accomplishment for a four year old!! I am very impressed. Please let her know I said so.
    Grumpy Dave

  2. Hurray! Good job Keianna!

    That has been the pattern in our family too. Each child learned sooner than the last. Sophie was four when she learned too.

  3. Bravo petite puce!
    I know how proud you must feel!

    By the way" ma puce" is what we tenderly say to our little ones as "mon petit choux!"
    think ! we are ever so romantic: little cabbage, little flea ….

    My poor mother was horrified to hear her chidren being talked to as "petite crapule" (little debauchery) but she was told it was said with a lot of affection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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