Where babies come from

Keianna (4) was gazing at her stomach and pondering how many wee ones are in there.   See, she holds to a unique conviction that a lady has all their babies in her "tummy" from childhood, and they just bide their time until she marries and it is time for them to each to grow in turn.  Some ladies don’t start out with any, some with lots… a girl never knows. 

I’ve tried correcting Keianna on this point, but it never "takes". 

This time Kendra (6) stepped in to educate her little sister.  "No, Keianna.  They aren’t in your tummy until you have a husband and he puts them in.  Men have a special tool  that puts the babies in the mommies.  They are only supposed to use it on their wife, but sometimes they use it when they shouldn’t.  That’s bad stewardship.  David (King David) used his tool lots and used it on ladies he shouldn’t have, and that’s bad.  A lady shouldn’t let any man but her husband put babies in her with his tool."

We discuss "things" from time to time, just naturally, as they come up.  It isn’t a topic we avoid, but neither have we sought out to have "The Talk" per se.  Kendra’s unique (yet oddly accurate) depiction was a surprise to me.


12 thoughts on “Where babies come from

  1. Well, Kendra has her facts very straight! Did Keianna listen this time? 🙂

    I replied in the comments on my blog, but I'll paste it here too:

    I'm sorry that you are struggling this week! I will pray for you too. Homeschooling for us is a little smoother so far this week, thanks!

    Wouldn't it be fun to be closer together?!

    The kids can move up one step each day that they have all of their school materials in the right place at the right time. If they lose something or do not put it away, then they go bump-bump-bump back down to the bottom. If they were always prepared, they could play their computer game by Saturday. They did the first Saturday, but didn't make it by last Saturday. If they make it to the top before Saturday, of course they can play their game whenever they make it to the top step, and then they begin their climb again.

  2. LOL! That is too funny!!

    I just stopped by to say "hi" and to say if you have any recent photos of your cute kiddos. Hey, you should get on facebook. 😀 Then we could keep in touch better. 😉

    Miss Kristy

  3. Much better to discuss certain 'subjects' as they arise with as much accuracy as possible (given their ages) then leave them in dark and possibly in trouble later. Information + education = smart choices in my book/

    Lovely site.

    Peace to you.

  4. ROFL! That was too cute. I think I am going to practice that little speech and tell it to Arianna, who was telling me the other day that she "just didn't understand how babies get in the mama's tummy." Thanks for the explanation, Kendra! 🙂

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