I finished what she started

I finished a job she started.  She doesn’t look particularily thrilled about it does she?

Can you guess what she started?  Scroll down a few posts

to compare to a previous photos for further clues.


Grumpy children will be shot on sight...

Yes, another grumpy child photo.  They really are happy most the time.  Really.


8 thoughts on “I finished what she started

  1. Well, on a positive note, she`s very cute with bangs,,,she actually looks older. Our daughter gave herself a "trim" this Summer right along-side her ear !!! The rest of her hair rests at her waist !!!!! We clip back her newly trimmed spot with clips…and will be for some time to come !!!!
    I`ll bet there are a lot more of these stories out there !!!!

  2. beware!!
    when they start that sort of thing … they are able to have other tries on younger ones …
    I know someone who was terrible about this but she turned out a fabulous young women who moves big things around and does a terrific job for her Lord!!

  3. She does look very cute! Just remember, it could have been much worse. After reading several posts this summer about kids hair cuts, I decided to post pictures about my own girls. Just to make other moms feel better.
    I am so excited, it was my first picture post.


  4. looks like she was trying to start bangs herself! i dread the day on of mine thinks to try that. i hope it never happens but im sure it probably will. at least one of the five. lol

    ~Stephanie~ (Momseyes.wordpress.com)

  5. Watch your dog very closely. When my daughter started this, she started cutting of our cat's fur… and they are Siamese with very very short hair to begin with. Yikes!

    She's a bangs-girl! She looks better with them ~ just like me. I wish I could get away with all one length hair to my waist, but my fine, thin, blond hair with high forehead makes that impossible. Bangs. For the rest of my life. It's okay!!
    She's a dollbaby!

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