Fall & Winter Schedule

I’m about to head offline for a week of delighting in my family and taking a break from almost everything.

After our week of lounging, I hope to get back into the swing of full school.  We basically school year round, but this summer we’ve only kept up on basics.  I’m ready to jump back in with both feet again!

The children are excited too.  They’ve been especially eager since I posted our new schedule.  I’m never sure why a new schedule excites them so.  Mostly it is just a rendition of the routines that we fall into naturally that work for this given season:  The same routines we’ve morphed into from the old schedule, now transferred to paper.

Somehow knowing that lunch will be 15 minutes earlier, and that Keegan and Keianna will do piano in the morning instead of the evening is greeted with great anticipation!  Here’s our “new” schedule.  May you find it as thrilling as my children do!

PrairieFrog Schedule Fall 2008


8 thoughts on “Fall & Winter Schedule

  1. Wow. I'm trying a schedule for the first time this year but I have a lot of blank spots…Course I only have two kids. 😀

    What did you use to make that? It looks great!

  2. Oh, to have blank spots in the schedule again! I do miss having blank spots sometimes. (But the to be busy with rewarding activity is good too…)

    Enjoy your blank spots.

    The chart was made with Microsoft Excel.

  3. great plans!
    You have dinner very early compared to us.
    As a family we used to dine at 6-30 and now it is 7 o'clock but still very early for french people!!!

  4. I only have one little one, and my friends all think I'm crazy to have any sort of schedule. But, quite the contrary, it is what keeps me sane! 🙂 My daughter hasn't quite grasped the excitement of a new schedule, but I am always a little more excited to see a new routine on paper…and more motivated to do it! 🙂 I love when you post your schedules! I always love to get ideas, and I especially love seeing how experienced homeschoolers "do it all"!

  5. I've forgotten how you do this schedule. Would you be so kind as to email me the directions on how you do this on your computer?

    I wish I could be a purple rubber band. Perhaps then I'd stretch enough to cover everything that needs to be done in a day.

    Abiding in the Vine!

  6. Thank you for sharing your schedule. I am in the midst of trying to revise ours currently.
    I'll have to see if we have Excel on my dh's computer.Edited by sahmto4orMore on Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 5:17 PM

  7. I love that you don't "gather brain" until you've been up awhile. If I left mine on its own for several hours, it'd get into all sorts of trouble. 😉

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