Going for Baroque

On our timeline and in our Tapestry studies we are entering Napoleon’s world.  Last week, however, we took a minuet-step backward, to the court of Louis XIV, and the French Baroque era! 

The girls worked hard, two hours a day, learning a Polanaise, the Sarabande, the Allemande, and, of course, a  Minuet!  They danced to harpsichord music, and their breaks featured a different additional instrument each day.  Flute, bassoon, clarinet, french horn, oboe, violin, and cello gave demonstrations!

History was entwined throughout, and even this slow-brained mommy learned bunches.


Playing Harpsichord:

Kendra!  Your right wrist is drooping. 

Listening to flute and harpsichord:

Kaira dancing the Sarabande– Somehow the lighting and soft focus reminded me of Renoir: 


3 thoughts on “Going for Baroque

  1. What a neat and fun opportunity for your girls! Where did you all do this at? Was it something someone in your community just offered? How neat that it fit right into your studies! I'll bet it's something they will remember for a long time. I just love homeschooling, don't you? 🙂

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