More Hawk Talk

We’ve so been enjoying watching"our" hawk and his mate.  (Yes, he has a lady friend!) 


The pair soar all day together!   And all day we hear them calling to one another, calling, "Keer-ee! Keer-ee!"–Which sounds exactly like our nick-name for little Kieran, "Kierie".  We’ve been joking that they are calling for Kieran by name.  (I hope it isn’t because they think he’d be a good snack!)


I got a few sharper pictures of him yesterday and this morning. 


This picture was taken from about 5 feet below him!  He let me get up on the deck–barely under the roof where he perched!

Up Close and Personal!

Not as close, but better lighting–From here I could see his golden eyes!
Here's looking at you!

And closer:

Hello, Handsome!


Aww!  Don’t go!

Fly away birdie


(Posted with the Birdman especially in mind.  He identified our hawks as imature Swainson’s hawks.  It fascinated me to read that these hawks eat primarily insects!  If he’s right, our jack rabbit population — and even Kieran–have little to fear.  It would also explain why he seems so attracted by our mud puddles!)


6 thoughts on “More Hawk Talk

  1. Wow, those are some amazing pictures! We love observing the hawks around here, but I've never seen one that close!

  2. How beautiful! A few years ago we had a pair of bald eagles that lived in a tree not far from us. My husband found one of them one morning, dead on the ground. It had somehow got caught in the electric wires overhead and had electrocuted itself. The other eagle flew away and we never saw him again. I hope your birds fair much better!

    Abiding in the Vine!

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