Dinner with Dr. Franklin

As part of our Tapestry of Grace unit celebration, we dined at a  Benjamin Franklin themed restaurant last night! 

The girls and I left our orders with Ken, then strolled around the restaurant viewing the curiosities!  Between the booths of dinner patrons (who probably thought us a bit odd)  we examined a franklin stove, pieces of type from old printing presses, and an optometrist’s case full of lenses.  (The sign said that the eye specialist would take this case house to house to prescribe spectacles) .

We are leaving the War For Independence in the past and heading into Napoleon’s World!  (Well, after a couple weeks of elective focus.  This next week we will be doing a slight tangent into the Baroque era… not too far off from where we are in history–more on that later.)

There were also reproductions of many paintings, both of Dr. Franklin and other Founding Fathers, and naturally quite a few excerpts from Poor Richard’s Almanac.

Dinner With Dr. Franklin



2 thoughts on “Dinner with Dr. Franklin

  1. Oh, how wonderful! I've always been a fan of B. Franklin. And again, we're on the same page. Sprite read a book about him this week. He was a brilliant man.

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