Winged Glory!

Today as I fixed breakfast Keegan and Keianna said, "Mommy there is a BIG bird out by the puddles!"  There in the middle of our driveway sat a large hawk!  We see hawks circling over-head almost daily, but I’ve not seen them on the ground often. 

Strangely, hawks don’t look as magestic on the ground as pearched or soaring.  On the ground he looked rather like–a turkey or something.  I tried to creep up on him, but he flew up to the top of our shed.  I caught him in flight as he took off:

Taking Off!

All morning he stayed near our yard; going from telephone pole to shed to barn.  I’m kicking myself for forgetting to give sufficient weight to the "shutter speed" part of the photography equation.  The shot against the sky would have been clearer if I’d taken motion into account and frozen him in flight.  Ah, well. 

On the Barn

My inexperience with the camera failed to capture his glory, but our eyes took it all in! 

In Flight!

(Aside on distance–I don’t have a  telephoto lens for my camera.  These were taken up close.. and the one with him overhead was resized to post here, but not cropped down much.  He was just above my head, at very close range!  GLORIOUS! )


4 thoughts on “Winged Glory!

  1. Very cool! Thanks for sharing. A certain birdman was thrilled to see this post! He thinks it's an immature Swainson's Hawk. They don't live around here, so he's only seen them in a book and somehow seeing it on your blog was way better than seeing it in a book!

  2. Thanks, Molytail for asking. It isn't looking good. 😦 But, Kaira was so encouraged that we tried. Today she said, "Even if she dies, it won't seem as sudden now." The old leaves are all dead. Mr L says there is a slim chance that new shoots will come out in the next few weeks. Kaira keeps going out to water and mist it several times a day–hoping.

    Kelly, I just googled that Swainson's hawk, and it sure sounds right! Jay is good with those bird id's!

  3. It is fun to get up close and personal with God's creatures.

    In the past, I've taken pictures of birds in the programmed sports mode.

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