Yesterday I saw these–abandoned on the kitchen table:

Abandoned Books


Because these distractions kept doing stunts directly overhead:

Air Show


4 thoughts on “Airshow

  1. I am somewhat new to your blog, and I would recognize those Calvert Math books anywhere. We use full Calvert curriculum, so that's how I know. Anyway, that is SO NEAT that you were treated to a free airshow. I'd be running outside, too. My son would be extremely envious. Blessings to you, Violin Mom in FLA Please come check out my new blog at

  2. Good eye, Violin Mom! Yes those are Calvert math texts! 🙂 We aren't full Calvert, but I love their math and some of the electives too. Great program!

    Hopin, Thanks! I didn't do much super special on those shots, other than cropping in quite a bit on the airplaines because I didn't use any telephoto or zoom… At least I got them in focus. My Kieran in today's post is a tad blurry–he didn't stay as still as the math books did. I'll probably make everyone's eyes water looking at out-of-focus pictures.

  3. I have to admit, I'd abandon the books for the jets too – I love a good airshow! 🙂

    I'm a huge snowbirds fan – I don't know if you'd be familiar with them or not, since they're Canadian… you can check them out here if you like:

    They were here last summer – I don't think they're coming this year though…


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