Rhode Island is Small (And a Verse Badly Quoted)

Evidently Keegan pays attention to his sisters’ geography discussions.  While driving around town the children were inquiring about the plants beside the road or on medians.  I explained that many were just prairie weeds growing wild, but that others–especially within city limits–are planted and tended by hired workers.  We talked a bit more about the purposes of these grassy islands between lanes of traffic.  Keegan perked up at my makeshift term, “islands in the road.”  Pointing at the center median he asked, “Is that Road Island?”   Befrore I could answer he was shaking his head and declared, “Road Island is small.”

In other news, I will be working with Keianna on her memory work.  Specifically on John 3:16.  Her unfortunate rendering is, “For God so loved the world  that he gave his only forgotten Son…”  That just won’t do.


5 thoughts on “Rhode Island is Small (And a Verse Badly Quoted)

  1. I love things like that! It is amazing what they hear and remember and we don't even realize they are listening!

    That reminds me of a funny quote we heard this week! I will have to share!
    Blessings, Eva

  2. dell,
    that's the same camera i have. i'm also using photoshop elements 6. love that too and still learning a lot. playing with manual setting is fun but i too feel lost at times. i've had better luck with them once i got my 50mm 1.8 lens (about 70 bucks). it's great because in natural light you can set the aperture all the way down to 1.8 to let in LOTS of light. you can get them off ebay and it's a GREAT lens. i never use the one that came with my camera anymore. it's a prime lens which means that if you want to get closer or further away you must use your feet to do so.
    love the math entry. wow….can i come live at your house?

  3. My husband and I are raising our 5 children in good old, "Lil` Rhody". If you ever want to see just how small or beautiful it is here……. just let us know if you`re ever in the area !! It would be great to meet you in person !!
    did I mention we have a beach right at the end of our street ????????

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaa Those are hilarious! ROFL *grin*

    I read the second one to my dd11 and she cracked up and then said it was "too cute". 🙂

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