The More Precious Thing

Heading out the door to a fellowship lunch yesterday, we had our hands full.  Ken turned to Kaira and asked, “Would you like to carry the brownies or take Kieran out and buckle him?”  With a cheerful smile she answered, “I’ll take the most precious thing!”

Hmm… brownies or her brother, which would she choose?

Her face radiant, she scooped up her baby brother.  Although she loves chococolate, there was never any doubt.

More precious than brownies!  Now THAT is love!

(Still trying to learn the manual settings on the camera…)

11 thoughts on “The More Precious Thing

  1. I'm feeling that same thing this week as Sonya is constantly holding and loving Nadia. She was gone for a week and now she just can't get enough of her baby-est sister!! I've been a blog-slacker. Too crazy for us in June!! HOpe to be back "on it" in July. I am caught up on your blog and a few other's now, but mine is sorely neglected!! Looks like you had a full month, too!! Love the preschool math. really, I do!! And your new family photo is great. Shows all of their great character. "Talk" to you soon!!

  2. I love this photo… great post!

    You are doing great to try to learn all the manual things… me? I put it on AUTO. LOL Most of the time.

    Have fun learning — so glad we get to see all your experiements. Well — not all I'm sure. Isn't the garbage can button nice? LOL


  3. That is so sweet and beautiful. It brings tears to your eyes.
    I love the dressed your girls wear. Do you sew their clothes?

  4. Hi Ruth!

    Thanks for the compliment on the dresses. No, most aren't sewn by me. I occasionally sew an easy jumper, but I'm terribly slow and not at all practiced in sewing. Usually if I've sewin it myself, it is enough of an event I'll blog about it. *laugh* The dress Kaira's wearing in the picture above was a Hanna Andersson sale dress, but many of them are sewn by other moms with cottage businesses, or purchased on ebay.

  5. Oh, that is so wonderful to read. As a previous school teacher, I think I would have fallen out of my public school chair if I witnessed a child behave like that. Almost all public school children don't like their siblings.You have such wonderful fruits from your hard work and homeschooling.Edited by momofsix on Wednesday, July 2, 2008 at 10:15 AM

  6. That IS too sweet! And it sounds like the sequel to Proverbs 31. You know, the Proverbs 31 wife is more precious than rubies, and the Proverbs 32 child is more precious than brownies 🙂

  7. That is sooo sweet, although I'm not at all surprised!!!! BTW, Rachael has that outfit that Kaira has on, only it's a romper! 😉

  8. aww, too sweet. 🙂

    I just realised – I've been thinking that Kaira was older than she actualy is! I don't know why, you've got the ages right on your sidebar LOL…. She just looks a bit older, I think… I had her as 10 or 11! I guess I get a Fail in blog reading skills LOL

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