Easier than Pie

Mrs. S. gave us rhubarb at church, and I’ve not yet justified the time (or the sugar) to make a pie. (Maybe tomorrow afternoon?)  In the meantime, it adds delicious zing to our strawberry smoothies!

MMM!  Far better than just the strawberry alone!  This is the taste of summer!

(Our smoothies are different every time.  This particular “recipe”: 3-4 cups frozen strawberries, couple stalks of rhubarb, a *splot of honey, handful of almonds, a tablespoon or two of flax seeds, and fill the blender the rest of the way with Kefir.)
Easier Than Pie

*splot: PrairieFrog unit of imprecise measure


3 thoughts on “Easier than Pie

  1. "splot" – haha, I love that. 🙂

    Now, I googled "kefir" and read:


    ….that doesn't sound like the most appetizing thing ever LOL. but the smoothie in your picture looks delicious – so I'm gonna assume they taste pretty darn good. I've got a blender hiding under my counter but I never use it…maybe I should dust it off…..

  2. "splots" are called "glops" here at the Banana's. Must be something about that /l short o/ thing in the middle… also in plop and drop…

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