Most people detour to avoid construction.  Lately we’ve detoured especially to see it.   Keianna and Keegan joined me for a few errands today, and driving home, the crane was in  motion!

Keegan’s glee knew no bounds when I pulled over and parked so we could watch for a moment.  I guess “stop and watch the construction” is the boy equivalent to “stop and smell the roses.”

Further down the road, around the bend (visible in the background) are towering piles of dirt.  Each time we pass by Keegan says, “Ooooh! Can we PLAY in it!?”  Alas, it is fenced off–unavailable for play.

Ah!  The rapture on a boy’s face watching a crane sway beams against the sky!  It reminds me that we should pull off the road more often.


2 thoughts on “Detour

  1. Maybe it is a 3-year-old thing… My daughter is about Keegan's age, and she is absolutely fascinated by any sort of construction equipment right now – especially bulldozers! Unfortunately, most of our "construction zones" are on the corners of busy streets – so we can't pull over and just watch…but it certainly makes the red lights a little more enjoyable!! 🙂

  2. There is just something about boys and machines, isn't there? (though my girls are fascinated, too) I had no idea how to entertain a 1 year old boy when Ben (boy #2) was 1 because our septic field was replaced when Peter was 1 and he spent 6 weeks staring at the machines in our backyard through the window; needless to say he was NO work because he never moved from the window!


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