Catch Up with Homeschool Day-Camp!

Host your own day-camp and catch up on school!

Is there some elective that fell through the cracks last year? Just mix in snacks, games, costumes and crafts, and you’ll have a summer “event” your children will never forget!

If Spanish was slighted, go with a fiesta theme! Speaking only Spanish in the daytime “camp” hours will provide non-stop hilarity as you find creative ways to communicate with limited vocabulary! Pinatas, Mexican food, games, and sombreros provide the backdrop. While a foreign language is cumulative and you won’t be able to do a full year’s worth in a week, you can kindle excitement and ignite momentum.

Science camp would be a great opportunity to do all those experiments the children begged to do but got pushed aside. Sit down a week in advance (now is a good time) and plan it out, listing all your supplies, then buy a few oversized white shirts for “lab coats”, and watch out for explosions! (Easy, science theme crafts can give variety to your activities, and relay races of pass the beaker, or running bases named as planets keep things lively.

If Charlotte Mason style Nature Studies have intrigued you, but you’ve not jumped in, take a week to try it out! Sketch books, binoculars, safari hats, and a field guide will outfit your crew, and a picnic on the patio of sandwich triangles arranged like a butterfly will bring a smile. Crafts could include decorating flower pots, making stepping stones, or doing textured rubbings of leaves and bark.

Perhaps, the children haven’t been introduced to classic outdoor games like hop scotch, four-square, jacks, and skipping rope? Add in a water balloons, popsicles and sidewalk chalk and you have a Sunny Days theme!

Here at PrairieFrog Academy, I’m planning out my supply list for our “art camp” that will take place outside on the deck next month. My copy of Artistic Pursuits, keeps beckoning me from my curriculum shelf where it sat unused, crowded out by the other academics through the winter. Art camp to the rescue!

You can have your theme revolve around almost any subject. Choose a unit study, or dabble in an area that’s been intriguing you or your scholars. It can be just your family, or you can invite guests, the possibilities are endless.

(This article was cross-posted from my Taming The Chaos column on the HSB Company Blog)

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