Movie Day

Cold, howling winds, tired mommy, and exhausted children prompted me to declair yesterday, “Movie Day”!

Before my nightshift sweetie went to bed, I snuck off to the Library to fetch home Johnny Tremain.  Kaira had just finished reading the book for our Tapestry Studies, so it was a perfect fit.

After the movie (and after he finally came-to) Keegan declared it his favorite movie of all.  I’m not sure he’s the best judge of it, because here’s a picture I snapped near the climax:


I think the girls, especially Kaira and Kendra, found it more riveting than Keegan did–despite Keegan’s declarations to the contrary.


4 thoughts on “Movie Day

  1. Funny! It's cute when the little ones want to be just like the big kids.

    I was thinking of having my kids watch Johnny Tremain after reading it too, but I forgot! Now they will have to read it again, before we watch it. 🙂

    Are you going to try to keep up the 40 minute workout, or stick with the 15 minute until Kieran is older? Every muscle in my back was sore this morning ~ but it is the good kind of sore, not the injured kind!

  2. Well…I'd been doing GREAT on the 15 minute for a month or so–5-6 days a week. Then… OOF! Last week I tried the full 40 minute for 2 days at the beginning of the week. Since those fateful days I um… I haven't done ANY T-Tapp–at all. I kinda did myself in… took a day off, and the day became 2… and the 2 days became 3, and then it was, "T-Tapp? What's that?"

    Next week I'm going back to 15, and staying there for a good long time. 15 minutes I really can and will DO would be sooo much better than 40 minutes I avoid.

    Now, please tell me to get back up on that horse though and get back to the 15 minutes on Monday-with no excuses.

  3. Hi Dell,

    Just stopped by to see what you were up to and as usual, you've been busy 🙂 I was curious – do you make your girls dresses? They are always dressed so nicely. I love the picture of your daughter in your wordless Wednesday post – she looks just like you. I'd never heard of a go Bible before. Now I think I need one! lol

  4. We're reading that novel now. It's quite good — more complex than I expected and with lots of history. I didn't know there's a movie.

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