Finding ripe strawberries before the birds, rabbits and squirrels is always satisfying.  The children voted on whether they should save the “first fruit” for Daddy or split the tiny strawberry five ways-Poor Daddy.  (Actually, of the four who voted, the vote was split.  Kaira decided to break the tie, and changed her vote to take Kieran into account.  He loves berries and she knew he’d want his fifth.)

First Harvest

Harvesting the wind damage:

Wind Damage


One thought on “Harvest

  1. oooo, I *love* strawberries! I remember picking them as a child – we actually got paid for it… I must have been about 11 – I remember getting up in the dark at 4:30am or so, ready to leave by 5am and ride our bikes for …what, at least and hour – might have been more….to get to the strawberry place where we'd pick for the owners….getting paid was always exciting and it paid more than the babysitting I was doing did….

    A strawberry split 5 ways is better than no strawberry at all! LOL

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