Wordless Wednesday


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Nikki–

    Thanks for the compliment. None of the clothing in the recent posts has been sewn by me though. (I do have material for jumpers sitting next to my sewing machine though–does that count?)

    I don't sew much at all. I'm a beginner, and a perfectionist, and that makes for a tedious combination. I try to do one jumper or dress per year for each of the girls, but that's about it. It is an "event" if I sew.

    Many are sewn by friends. My mother-in-law sews a few, and friends in California has sewn oodles for us. There are some "cottage businesses" of ladies who sew dresses–many are homeschool moms or homeschooled teens–and I scrounge around the web scouting out the styles we like.

    Others are eaither from end-of-season sales or close-outs, or even gently used from ebay: Brands like April Cornell, Storybook Heirlooms, and Mousefeathers can be found very reasonably if I bide my time.

    There's hope for those of us who can't sew much. I'd love to learn to sew more, but wish I'd gotten that desire in a more convienent season for learning. *laugh* In a few years, I'll teach my daughters the little bit I do know to get them started, and then maybe they will quickly pass me up and start teaching me!

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