GoBible (Gift Idea for Father’s Day)

A wonderful friend GAVE me a GoBible this week!    I tend to not be gadgety, but this is an amazing device.  Unpaid commercial follows.  ; )

For years, we’ve enjoyed Alexander Scourby’s KJV readings on cassette and CD, but it was getting complicated switching out CDs for the younger children, and slowly I lost track of who needed which CD next.  At some point I fizzled on it entirely–cheating them ouGoBiblet of the hours of rich audio-Bible that their older siblings enjoyed.   (They still get family Bible time, and natural “walk by the way” discussion–just not independent listening.)

This tiny little thing fits in the palm of my hand and has the complete Bible handy and easily navigated.  It comes with tiny little ear buds, but our larger child-friendly ear phones work better for Keegan and ‘Anna.  (Both of whom begged for more, and will enjoy having something to listen to at quiet-play time.)

With father’s day coming up, I thought I’d mention it.  (Although Ken won’t be getting ours.  He’ll still take Audio Bible CDs on his commute to work, because it is easier to keep track of CDs for one person than five. )  For a lot of dad’s though, it would make a great gift!

Thank you, dear friend, for this wonderful blessing!


4 thoughts on “GoBible (Gift Idea for Father’s Day)

  1. My father wanted me to get him this very thing, but when I called to order it they didn't advice it. They were having trouble with them and having people send them back. Are you enjoying yours?? He still wants one. I ended up getting an i-pod with a bunch of memory to but my bible on, my dad doesn't want to go that route.
    Enjoying your blog, wish you could teach in to twist my dd hair.
    God Bless

  2. Hi Tweetie!

    Mine has been great. How long ago did you call? I really have no idea if this is it, but I do know this said something about being a new version (not new bible version, but an updated gizmo-gadget), so maybe they worked out the bugs? I don't know. I could just have a one of the few that isn't problematic, but maybe call and ask if people are still returning them? How wonderful that they let you know.

    Regarding the hair twists, I actually did a pictoral tutorial on it at one point. 🙂 They aren't hard as long as you know the trick.

    Here's a tutorial:

    And this shows them again on both girls:

    Hope that helps!

  3. Thank so much for your time. First it was this pass Father's Day 2008. It was from Christianbooks.com, and yes it was so wonderful that they did tell us. When did you get yours?? I am heading to the hair link next and am sending my daughter who is reading this as I type to go get her hair brush so that I can do while reading. She just read it and said "MOM, I can't believe you want me to get me hair brush"….
    I will take a picture for you, but then have to figure out how to get the pictures on my blog. I got a new camera and can't seem to get the pictures from this camera on-line??
    God Bless

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