Photo in the Park

We had a lovely visit with my parents this weekend.  Ken and I even ran off one afternoon while they were here to see the latest Narnia movie, and we had a great time–so did the children at home with the Grands.  (The grandparents lived through it too.  Thanks, Mom and Dad for your bravery! )

After church and refueling on Sunday we caravanned to a nearby park to con my dad into taking photographing.  Oof!  Getting everyone looking toward the camera with eyes open and acceptable expressions can be quite a challenge.  We had fun with it though–at least most of us did.  By the end Kieran and Ken were ready for naps–Kieran because it was past his usually nap time, and Ken because he needed a few hours sleep before his upcoming midnight shift.  Both my sleepy guys kept it together for the picture, and since neither one of them is crying or rubbing his eyes, I’m calling it good.

(Keegan, of course is acting like a silly three year old boy–but because he happens to be exactly that, it works.)

Silly PrairieFrogs June 2008


8 thoughts on “Photo in the Park

  1. Just curious– do you make your girls dresses? Or where do you buy them?

    They are soo cute– and I know I've heard many moms say how hard it is to buy dresses for girls these days—

  2. Hi Dell! Your family is absolutely beautiful. Love that little 3 year old boy – I sure do miss those years when my boys were that age.

    It was wonderful to have you stop by Pollywog Creek earlier and comment on my June Bugs. I've missed you!

    I hope you are having a perfectly delightful summer.


  3. It is a very nice picture, Dell! I really like the girls' dresses. I'm glad you and Ken got to have some time to go on a movie date. I can't remember if I ever wrote back and thanked you for writing me about the painting advice, but just in case I didn't thanks so much! I still haven't taken on the task, but have it in my mental list of things I hope to do soon. I also really appreciate you visiting my blog and saying such wonderful, positive things about me that I really don't deserve. It's so nice to have such loving and wonderful friends here. So, thanks for being a lovely supportive friend. You are just the best!
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda 🙂

  4. That's a nice picture of your family. Three year old boys can be so silly. Did you make the dresses for your girls? They are adorable.

  5. Re: dresses: I didn't make those dresses. My sweet mother-in-law bought them for the girls from Kohls–a department store. 🙂

  6. That is an absolutely beautiful picture! What a lovely family you have – and the girls' dresses are adorable as always!

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