Freedom Rings On Our Coffee Table

More of America’s War for Independence, (And a bit on the French Revolution) as we complete the 2nd half of this tapestry unit!

You’d think library day was Christmas from the level of excitement the girls have when we venture forth to replenish the coffee table!



4 thoughts on “Freedom Rings On Our Coffee Table

  1. Love that title! I'm thinking of the coffee cup rings along with the freedom ringing there with all those good books!

    We are done with our year and you look oh so close! I'm always encouraged by the enthusiasm your children have with TOG. They are such participants! You have certainly inspired in them a love for learning! — Pam

  2. Wow! what a great selection of books. I love to look at all the books you are reading and many times I have chosen those same books from the library.
    I love the lunch on the town idea for finishing their school books. It looks like it was a beautiful day!!

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