An Absolutely Un-Authentic Purim

(But we had fun!)

Saturday we celebrated Purim.  It is supposed to be in the Jewish month of Adar… which was in March.  I believe the actual Purim date fell on Good Friday, or thereabouts this year.  It didn’t work for us, so since we aren’t Jewish, we took creative licence with the date.

The Jews were commanded to remember Queen Esther’s brave sacrifice each year.  We decided to make it a family tradition as well because it is a wonderfully rich story and a lot of fun.

We began with baking.  Kendra and her daddy worked on bread for dinner: (This had no special Purim significance… we just needed bread.)

Ken and Kendra: Bread bakers

Everyone took turns helping me make hamentashen.  (Hamentashen are three cornered hat cookies that are supposed to represent Hamen’s hat.)  If anyone knows where the tradition of a tricorn hat for Hamen came about (although I’m assuming it is a more Persian styled tricorn), I’d be eager to know.  It isn’t in the scriptural account, but may have some historic basis?

While we bake we sing the Hamen’s hat song.

“His hat it had three corners, three corners had his hat, and had it not three corners, it wouldn’t be Hamen’s hat!”



Next Ken reads the entire book of Esther (which isn’t long)  Here he is with the boys just before the reading.  I love their Batik frog outfits!

The Guys

Then the children act out the story.  Here’s Queen Vashti just before her banishment.

Keianna (AKA Queen Vashti)

King Ahasuerus with his Queen Esthers (Yes, our version had twin Esthers…)

Esthers before Ahasuerus

In the quiet of the afternoon the children colored pictures of Esther and the older girls did some word searches and other Purim activity sheets.  An Esther movie is also tradition here, and they munched hamentashen while watching.

And finally we conclude the day with a feast of… ham and bean soup.  Yes, very inappropriate and entirely unkosher.  Usually I do leg of lamb or something, but um… well… uh…


4 thoughts on “An Absolutely Un-Authentic Purim

  1. One Night With the King is a neat movie that goes along with your "theme". Our family really enjoyed it — yours is a tad younger, I think, but we didn't find much to object about in this movie.


  2. That looks like so much fun! I love how ya'll had twin Esthers. What a cleaver Ideah! And how did you like the hamentashen? Could you get me the recipe, they look really good. Well I have to go.

  3. Funny Dell, we also presumed that because taschen means pockets auf Deutsch that these sweet treasures represented his purse. In fact, I found this while googling about to find the "right" answer: In time the interpretation arose that the three cornered cakes are eaten because Haman wore a three cornered hat when he became prime minister to Ahasuerus. Hope that helps!

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