Wyoming’s Monsoon Season

Wyoming doesn’t have monsoons?  Hm.. well, maybe not, but for our typically arid prairie, we are certainly soggy lately.  We never have gentle rain, but rather hard pouring torrents.  We don’t get gentle breezes, but full gales…  Subtlety is lost on Wyoming.  The lightening shows are fabulous though–  Absolutely awe inspiring!

I’m glad I seized the moment and took our Sunny Sunday Snapshots so that I can remember what “sunny” is!  Sunday was the first day in several of sun, and we’ve barely glimpsed it since. Our gravel drive is quite the lake from downpours.

Fortunately, I’m a rainy day kinda gal. I love to light the candles, and curl up with a book. I even took a bit of time trying to remember our knitting lesson, but I fear our instructor (my sweet mother-in-law) will need to return to give a refresher class.  (Good excuse to beg her to come anyway.)  Kaira, I think retained better than I did. I’m going to give it another go tomorrow after studying the diagrams again.

Kaira knows what rainy days are for. Here she is, cozy, snug and contented–a girl after my own heart.



5 thoughts on “Wyoming’s Monsoon Season

  1. I love Western thunderstorms!

    Kaira looks just beautiful with her book.

    In reply to your comment: You are so observant! Now that I look closer, I think it winked too. 😉

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